Nutra Centials Garcinia Cambogia 70 caps

Nutra Centials Garcinia Cambogia 70 caps

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NutraCentials® Garcinia Cambogia NX™  SuperCitrimax® is the most effective, clinically proven garcinia nutrient available. Super Citrimax® is known as “THE ORIGINAL GARCINIA CAMBOGIA.” Garcinia is a rare tropical fruit grown in the remote jungles of Asia that has been traditionally used to make meals more filling. It also reduces appetite and blocks body fat production.

The Three Key Benefits To Taking NutraCentials Garcinia Cambogia NX with Super Citrimax®  To Lose Weight:

  • Significantly reduces appetite
  • Inhibits fat production and increases fat burning
  • Increases levels of serotonin and decreases emotional eating


Super Citrimax Garcinia Cambogia 500mg

Non medicinal Ingredients : Veg Cap, silica