My Private Nutritionist - VIP Experience

My Private Nutritionist - VIP Experience

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When it comes to nutrition information, it’s a jungle out there. The sheer volume of sound bites coming at you from every angle makes figuring out fact from fiction totally frustrating and completely overwhelming.


Here’s the thing, on social media, the 6 o’clock news, and even in your email inbox, here are hundreds of well-intentioned health professionals sharing tips, tricks and recipes.


All of those bits of information are likely true for some body at some point… the question is, is the information appropriate for you, for your body, and for the health goals you are working towards right now? The likely answer is no. It could be maybe. But how the heck are you supposed to know? You are not the nutrition professional. Why has it become your job to sort out the barrage of information coming at you, to decipher what you should apply to your life and what advice you should leave behind?


The truth is, you shouldn’t be making these assessments. No one should expect you to. Unless you have special education, training and years of practical application in the area of nutrition, food, and natural health products, then you shouldn’t be navigating this information overload on your own.


And you shouldn’t be feeling overwhelmed by all the healthy habits you “should” be implementing or guilt about all of the recipes you don’t have time to make from scratch. Scratch that!


Let’s ditch the guilt and overwhelm and start focusing on the few things that are right for you and the goals you want to achieve, like feeling more consistent energy during the day, sleeping well at night and knowing how to put a simple and nutritious meal plan together for you and your family without spending every waking minute grocery shopping or prepping food.


If that sounds like a big “aaahhhhh” sigh of relief to you, then you might benefit from working 1 on 1 with a nutrition professional like me.


I have a diploma in applied human nutrition and am the owner / operator of Whole Family Health Food store. Expertise in simplifying nutrition, supplements, and healthy recipes is literally my full-time job and I want to make feeling amazing easy for you. Have digestive issues, trouble with blood sugar regulation (like Type II diabetes), want to massively increase energy and manage stress? Keep reading.


Working 1:1 with me can:

Eliminate your overwhelm and create massive results with minimal effort because the advice and action steps are tailored to YOU and your personal health goals

Get you to your goals fast because personalized attention means making adjustments based on your wants and needs

Keep you feeling supported at every stage of the process, with an actual human to talk to and ask questions, so you are never left guessing, confused, frustrated or alone

Hear what others who have worked 1:1 with me are saying:


“Kristen changed my life. She never demonized any food. She would educate me on how certain foods could be impacting me. If you’re looking to make small changes or looking to make a complete overhaul, I highly recommend Kristen.” -Tonisha R.


“I was eating less and less and it wasn’t making any difference. I was tired and hangry all the time and still had major bloating. I followed the recommendations in Kristen’s program and made some basic changes to my diet but I was actually eating more food and feeling more energy. I was also taking the nutritional supplements Kristen recommended for my body. My digestion regulated pretty quickly and within a month I needed new pants because my stomach had shrunk a full size!” ~Clyre L.


“After YEARS of having to stop on my way to work to use a coffee shop bathroom, I was able to make the drive straight through without stomach pain, bloating or urgency. I can’t believe the change in only a month of working together. It’s amazing.” ~Craig S.


What's Included in this Package:

  • A thorough assessment of your health, habits and goals
  • Plus four 1:1 coaching sessions to help you master your meal plan, macros, trouble-shoot obstacles, environment and mindset
  • Plus a discount code for any natural health products that may support you (valid on our website for the duration of your program)
  • Plus worksheets you can refer back to at anytime
  • Plus unlimited email access in between sessions
  • Plus a wrap up session to ensure you have all of the tools needed to move beyond the program with confidence

Want to know more? Email to see if this program is the right fit for you.