Nutrition Coaching w/ Kristen - 60 Minutes

Nutrition Coaching w/ Kristen - 60 Minutes

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Want personalized support to achieve your nutrition and health goals? Looking for expert advice on when and how to take natural health products for best results? Know where you want to go on your health journey but not sure the best way to get there?

Book a private 1:1 coaching session with Kristen Schiener, Owner of Whole Family Health Food and Holistic Nutritionist with decades of experience helping people feel better naturally . 

Who can benefit from nutrition coaching? Anyone wanting personalized advice and support with:

Weight management (fat loss or muscle gain)

Metabolic Concerns (thyroid, adrenal fatigue, blood sugar management, cholesterol)

Energy, Fatigue and Insomnia

Reducing joint pain and improving bone health

Newly diagnosed dietary restrictions (such as celiac, diary allergy, low sugar) and not sure what to eat

COVID Protocols in Effect:

All consultations are done safely from the privacy of your home using a video conference link.