Meno-Mastery - Module 1 - Master Your Metabolism

Meno-Mastery - Module 1 - Master Your Metabolism

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Module 1 - Master Your Metabolism 


Are you a woman 40+ who wants to feel amazing through your perimenopausal transition, through menopause and beyond?


If you are committed to being proactive about your health & wellness and living optimally in the last third of your life, then this class is for you. 


Join Kristen Schiener, Holistic Nutritionist and expert in the ways hormone changes impact our mind, mood, metabolism and more. 


In her late 40s, Kristen decided she wanted to age vibrantly and learn all the ways hormone changes conspire to make her a nervous, weak, chubby & frail older lady. She is now on a mission to empower every woman who wants to learn what she has, and take simple, effective and evidence-based action to create a wildly healthy, happy, strong and active older age. 


Who is Meno-Mastery - Master Your Metabolism for?

  • Any woman who is experiencing changes in her body weight, energy and metabolism that have her frustrated and confused
  • Any woman who is struggling because everything she used to so to manage her weight & energy is no longer working, and she doesn't know why or what to do next
  • Any woman who wants to feel empowered as she transitions into her menopausal phase and beyond
  • Any woman who wants to most straight-forward, evidence-based strategies to get results fast
  • Any woman who wants to feel support & encouraged on this wild journey instead of experiencing endless trial and error alone 


Not sure if Meno-mastery is right for you? Email with all of your questions.