Enzymedica Serra Gold 60 caps

Enzymedica Serra Gold 60 caps

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Enzymedica, SerraGold, Enzyme Supplement to Support Cardiovascular, Sinus and Immune Health

Vegan, Kosher and Non-GMO

High-potency serrapeptase enzymes work to optimize the body’s recovery processes and immune function. Fully vegan, these are also gentle on the stomach. Powered by Thera-blend, the enzymes in SerraGold are active throughout the whole body, maximizing your health benefits.

  • SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: A therapeutic enzyme blend to help keep your cardiovascular, immune and sinus health in good shape for your active lifestyle.
  • STAY ACTIVE & COMFORTABLE: High-potency, vegan serrapeptase supports healthy circulation; Includes protease, calcium and magnesium.
  • ONE CAPSULE: Take daily, ideally on an empty stomach one hour before or two hours after a meal; Vegan, kosher and Non-GMO.