Canprev Collagen Tendon Recover 250g

Canprev Collagen Tendon Recover 250g

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  • TendoForte® Bioactive Collagen Peptides help build connective tissue strength
  • Clinically studied for chronic ankle instability and Achilles tendinopathy symptoms
  • Improves joint movement after injury

Active and aging individuals often suffer discomfort or pain at the rotator cuff, elbow epicondyles, patellar, and Achilles tendon. And recovering from a tendon injury can be tough. Supplementing with the right collagen peptides can help.

CanPrev’s Collagen Tendo Recover contains unique, specialized TendoForte® Bioactive Peptides™ at the size of 2kDa. Peptides at this size have been clinically studied for chronic ankle instability and Achilles tendinopathy symptoms, and recovery from this type of injury can be assisted at the ideal dosage of 5g per day.

Available in 250 grams.

Clinical Research
Optimizing collagen production at the joints encourages improved joint movement after injury, and ensures that the surrounding connective tissue remains strong. Clinical studies show Collagen Tendo Recover peptides support ligaments and tendons and show positive outcomes for chronic Achilles tendinopathy injuries.

Positive impact on ligaments and tendons A recent clinical trial demonstrated that the intake of TendoForte®  have a positive impact on subjects suffering from chronic ankle instability. The results clearly show the stimulatory impact of specific collagen peptides on extracellular matrix molecules in ligament and tendons. The increased biosynthesis in tissues might explain the positive results on ankle stability and the reduced injury rate observed in the clinical trial.

Benefits chronic Achilles tendinopathy Despite  requiring duplication in larger clinical trials, a pilot study conducted by The South African Journal of Sports Medicine concludes that supplementation of TendoForte® peptides may accelerate the clinical benefits of a well-structured calf strengthening and return-to-running program in those with chronic Achilles tendinopathy symptoms.



Each scoop contains

TendoForte® Bioactive Collagen Peptides™
Type I and III Hydrolyzed Collagen (bovine)*
L-Arginine 365mg
L-Histidine 50mg
L-Isoleucine 70mg
L-Leucine 135mg
L-Methionine 45mg
L-Phenylalanine 105mg
L-Threonine 90mg
L-Lysine 180mg
L-Valine 120mg
L-Tyrosine 40mg
Hydroxylysine 80mg
L-Serine 160mg
L-Proline 635mg
L-Hydroxyproline 595mg
L-Glycine 1110mg
Glutamic Acid 510mg
L-Alanine 430mg
L-Asparatic acid 290mg
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*TENDOFORTE® is a registered trademark of GELITA AG.