Meet our Team

Kristen Schiener, Owner

Hi, I’m Kristen. I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and the proud owner of Whole Family Health Food, located in Georgina, ON.

I have been a nutritionist for over a decade and have been privileged to work with hundreds of clients on a variety of health topics. From weight loss to athletic performance to Type II diabetes to digestive disorders, there seems to be no limit to how we can improve our own wellness through food choices and natural health products.

I love running a health food store in Georgina. I love talking to people about small changes they can make to feel better. I love finding new grocery items that are good for you AND delicious. I love keeping on top of the latest, evidence-based nutritional formulations that can promote balance and healing without negative side effects. And I love that all of the same wellness principles that can be applied to people, are also true for pets!

I know most people don’t come into a health food store or search for information on-line because everything is perfect. You may be in pain, not sleeping, experiencing anxiety, dealing with a scary diagnosis or just needing to feel more like yourself in your own skin. There are so many products and packages that all look the same… it can be very overwhelming and intimidating to try and navigate your options and choose the item best suited for you. The one that will actually help. The one that can get you feeling better, again.

I decided to open Whole Family Health Food in order to create a place that truly reflects the community, where everyone can feel welcome and like part of the family. So, come by anytime. If you are more comfortable connecting on-line, feel free to email, reach out on social, or DM.

Share your thoughts, comments and ideas.  Ask any question that crosses your mind. I’ll always be happy to hear from you!


Jeff Melis, Executive in Charge of Taste-Testing

Hi, I’m Jeff. I am a passionate athlete, fitness coach and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

My primary responsibility at the store is to taste-test a variety of cooler drinks, protein powders, bars and snacks. It’s a busy job, but I’m happy to do my part to make sure we have the tastiest treats to offer you.

Although my full-time love is fitness, I enjoy spending time at the store and getting to know the needs of the community. If you have any questions related to sports nutrition, training prep, injury rehab or recovery, I’m always happy to chat!


Cassie Timpano, Holistic Nutritionist 

Hi, I'm Cassie. 

I have a decade of experience as a holistic nutritionist, wellness coach and natural product expert. I am passionate about all aspects of natural health and I especially love to talk about natural beauty (because we all have natural beauty!)

If you have questions about how to feel or look your best pop in and say hi! I love helping people bring out the best in themselves. 


Justin La Rue, Nutritionist, Live Cell Microscopist

Hi, I'm Justin!
I'm a recent graduate from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. After graduating with honours, I decided to continue my education with a course in Live Cell Microcopy at the Edison Institute. I now hold certifications as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and a Live Cell Microscopist. 
I hold the belief that everyone deserves to live the best life possible and that begins with what we put into our bodies. Finding optimal health is a unique journey as everyone is biologically different.
If you want to talk more about your unique health goals, nutrition or Live Blood Cell Analysis, pop by the store and say hi!