Women and Mental Health; The Four Pillars

A year into the Covid 19 pandemic women are feeling the impacts of long term, chronic stress more than ever. Our mental and physical health is feeling the pressure and it is more important than ever that we come together as a community to offer each other understanding and support. 

My colleague and friend, Cristina Guglielmi, a nutritionist and certified yoga instructor and I had an intimate conversation about how women can support themselves through four pillars of wellness; Eating, Sleeping, Moving and Mindfulness. 

We talk about best practices within each pillar as well as what taking care of yourself DOES NOT look like (read running 10K when you're already completely burnt out).

We reference a few nutritional supplements that have helped us; including Adrenal ProAdrenal Chill, Synergy B, L-Theanine and Mag + Sleep

DISLAIMER: This chat is meant to support and inspire. We are not diagnosing or treating mental health issues. If you need medical attention, please seek diagnosis and treatment from a licensed medical professional. If you need a referral to an qualified practitioner, please reach out and we will be happy to provide resources. 

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