Wishing You Love & Light

Wishing You Love & Light



Last night I flipped on the news. I don't typically watch in order to protect my energy & mental space but I knew some updates had been announced and I wanted to get caught up. 


I tuned in just as they were airing a feature story about a business owner in Toronto. A woman who runs a yoga studio. Her business has been decimated by the lockdowns and yet still, she persists. 


She has leveraged personal finances, given up her house and turned a broom closet in her studio into her bedroom. She has pivoted to on-line classes and rallied the support of her community. 


And yet, her business is still at 25% of pre-Covid revenue. With all of the hard work & sacrifice, she is still unsure if she will make it. 


I bawled. 


I bawled because I am her, and she is me, and all of my small-business colleagues are her, and every teacher and every parent who is stressed beyond the brink and every senior and child who is isolated.... we are all impacted. 


To be clear, this is not an anti-medical establishment, antigovernment, anti-anything post. 


This is just a love note to you all to say, I see you. I see how this long and difficult situation has touched us all in different and equally painful ways. I see you doing your best. I see you and I am beyond grateful for you and I love you. 


Like the woman in the news story, even in the face of gut-wrenching uncertainty, we must persist. 


I wish you love and light and rest this season. Be strong. Keep going. I've got your back. 


Love, k 

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