Who Can Be A Nutritionist?

In Ontario, Canada, at the time of this recording, the title "Nutritionist" is an unregulated term. That means your experience with a practitioner can vary depending on the experience and training of the person you consult.


But variations in health care aren't exclusive to the nutrition field. Experiences with medical doctors and naturopathic doctors can also vary widely due to differences in specialized and continuing education. I bring this up because many folks seek help and support from a variety of clinicians and not all experiences end up moving the needle on your health goals.


If this is your experience and you have felt frustrated, I encourage you to keep looking for the right clinician for you, your needs and your health goals. You deserve to be seen, heard and to feel great in your skin. If you're not there yet, keep going.


The right practitioner for you is out there. If you need help getting connected, please reach out. We have a broad network and would be happy to share resources with you. www.wholefamilyhealthfood.com

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