When Should I Take Fibre Supplements?

If you've ever experienced sluggish bowels, you've likely been told by your doctor, nurse or mom to get some extra fibre in. 


The recommended daily intake for fibre for adults is 35-45 grams per day. Sadly, most of us barely hit half of that. So much of our convenience foods are low in fibre and high in refined white flour & sugar.


Fibre rich food include fruit with the skin on, veggies, and whole grains like steel cut oats and brown rice. 


Since getting many of these foods in at every meal and be tricky in the course of our fast paced lives, a supplement can be a quick & easy solution. Except that, traditionally, fibre supplements have been gross! 


They quickly turn to sludge after mixed with water, are grainy and generally unpleasant to take. You likely have a container of a traditional fibre supplement in your medicine cabinet right now because you bought it with the best of intentions but just couldn't force yourself to drink it everyday. Am I right?


What if fibre didn't have to be gross, grainy, sludge in your glass? What if your fibre supplement improved not only your gas & bloating but also your energy, your blood sugar and your bowels? AND, what if it did all of that while being virtually invisible?


Fibre Feel from CanPrev is a soluble fibre powder that has no taste, smell or texture and dissolves completely in any liquid. Put a scoop in your water bottle, your smoothie, a herbal tea or glass of juice. Give it a stir and watch it dissolve before your eyes. 


Every scoop of Fibre Feel is 4g of organic, FODMAP friendly natural acacia plant soluble fibre, designed to help your gut feel great. It gets you all the digestive benefits of promoting healthy bacteria without uncomfortable levels of fructose, fructans, galacto-oligosaccharides, sorbitol, mannitol or lactose that can irritate IBS symptoms.


Fibre Feel has been clinically studied for its gut-health promoting powers. It was found to increase levels of healthy bifidobacteria, reduce inflammation in the gut and contribute to reduced gut permeability. Feel no fear – these same studies found it to be gentle and easily tolerated without GI symptoms, even at doses many times higher than typically used.


If getting more fibre is on your agenda but you've been afraid of the experience, for both your taste buds and your tummy, Fibre Feel is the answer you've been waiting for!

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