What should I eat after exercise?

What should I eat after exercise?

If you've recently started a new exercise routine, congratulations! Moving your body and being intentional about building strength and improving mobility are the MOST important factors in healthy aging and longevity. 


(I wish I could say there was a magic pill that replaces the healthy-aging benefits of regular exercise but alas, there is not.)


Now that you are moving and grooving you want to be sure you are reaping the maximum benefits of your efforts - this is where nutrition shines! 


The nutritional choices you make after exercise will effect how well your muscles can repair and recover from strenuous activity. 


When we put our musles under stress and strain, micro-tears occur in the tissue. This is a healthy and normal part of the process of exercise. Once the micro-tears occur, your body's natural response is to go in and repair the damage. It does this by calling on protein, the major nutrient our muscle tissue is composed of.


We also want to ensure you are topping up depleted "fuel" reserves becasue we don't want our body trying to use that precious protein as a secondary fuel source when we are drained. This is where carbohydrates come in. 


If you want to minimize any sore or stiff muscles, the naturally anti-inflammatory benefits of healthy fats knows as EFA's work wonders. 


So, what would a beneficial post-workout meal look like? It would need to contain a generous serving of protein (25-35 grams) with a lower fibre carbohydrate (fibre slows down the digestion, which is undesirable post-workout) with a small amount of anti-inflammatory fat. 


One of my fave post-workout meals / snacks is a smoothie with a full scoop of protein powder, blended with 1/2 banana and 1 tbsp omega-3 oil or sunflower seed butter. 


Quick, easy, satisifying and checks all the boxes for a post work-out meal that feeds my muscle recovery, builds strength and gets me back into exercise quickly, and without injury or pain. 

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