What is the best type of Collagen to Take?

What is the best type of Collagen to Take?

When it comes to supplements, information swirling around is generally overwhelming at the best of times.


In the realm of collagen, not only is the story confusing, but often just plain wrong. 


If you are curious about the benefits of collagen but unsure about what to take, what's hype, what you can realistically expect, and who collagen is best suited for, read on. 


Collagen supplements are some of the most popular (as of this writing) in the natural health space, so let's clear up some common myths, and dig into the facts about collagen.

Who can take it?

What are the benefits?

Is marine better than bovine (or vice versa)?

What is marketing hype and what is truly important to look for on a label? 


To answer all of these questions and more, I have enlisted my good friend and fellow nutritionist Cristina Guglielmi-Bradbury. Listen in on our in-depth conversation about all things collagen and gain the insight to feel confident about your next collagen purchase.


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