What is the best diet?

New year, new diet?


With each New Year comes many health & nutrition related resolutions. Some are repeats of a restrictive program you may have tried before and some may be new trends with big, new promises. 


Each year I speak with many folks who are putting in a lot of effort to move the needle on their health and experiencing a sense of frustration, failure and shame. 


I don't want that for you this year. That is why I have created a video series on the most common myths & mis-steps I see folks make as they pursue new levels of health, energy, wellness and weightloss. 


In my videos, I will share insight on the following topics:


  • How eating too little can be as harmful as eating too much
  • Why fasting isn't the answer for everyone
  • The importance of balancing the major food groups for energy, strength and weightloss
  • Why when you eat is as important as what you eat
  • The role of rest (that everyone overlooks) in weightloss and performance


If you want to learn more about these topics and most importantly, feel empowered as we move into a new year and new opportunity to feel amazing, keep your eyes on this blog, and follow along!


Wishing you abundance, joy and vitality for the year ahead. 

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