What is a value-based brand?

Today consumers have more options than ever when it comes to shopping choices. This is true in the wellness industry, too. 


I am under no illusion that we are far from the only place where you can buy vitamins, or specialty groceries or cruelty-free skin care. You, as a consumer have many choices where you spend your hard-earned cash. 


This was true when I opened my business, too. So, why, you may be thinking, would I do it? Why open a business in a competitive market? Why invest so much of my personal savings, time and energy into this place?


The answer comes down to values. I was in my early 40s. My career was at a crossroads and what suddenly became of paramount importance to me was living a life based on my values. Creating a space where my values were reflected in every aspect of the space. And, hopefully, resonate with other folks in the community who shared my values and wanted to connect & support each other in creating a shared vision for our community. 


Re-connecting with my values and the values of my business feels very important these days. And I want to be sure, with all of the noise and rhetoric swirling around that I am clear about my intentions. 


So, what does this brand value and actively support with our buying dollars, shelf-space and collaborations?


We value women. We value locally made. We value holding space. We value collaboration and community. We value creating safety and inclusivity. We value constant learning and growth. 


I want to be completely transparent so that you, as a consumer, know what you are supporting when you engage with our brand. If you share these values and want to vote with your consumer dollar, this is what you are supporting when you shop with us. 


Thank you, for coming on this journey with me. I have deep gratitude and love for you. 

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