What Does Mushroom Coffee Taste Like?

Does mushroom coffee taste like coffee? Or mushrooms? Is it good for you? Why would anyone drink this? How did this become a thing?


Let me clear up some of these common questions. First, mushroom coffee tastes like coffee. If you like coffee then you'll like the flavour. What is referred to as "mushroom coffee" is simply ground coffee with powdered extract of medicinal mushrooms mixed in. 


Personally, I don't notice any change in flavour to my coffee when mushroom powder is added. Some people describe the flavour as mildly nutty, which I can agree with when mixing with a less flavourful base. (I sometimes stir mushroom powder into a weak herbal tea, which is when I notice the nutty flavour come through.)


So, now that you have been assured that you will not be slugging back a cup of weird, ruined coffee, that brings us to our second most burning question... Why would anyone do this?!


Medicinal mushrooms have a host of health benefits, including; immune system modulation, supporting your energy & stress response and boosting cognitive function. 


Because medicinal mushrooms will give your mind & body a little extra boost, many people find they can drink less caffeine containing beverages and get the same benefits when they blend mushroom powder into their morning coffee or tea. This is easier on the nervous system (less caffeine-induced anxiety & jitters) and digestive system (less acidic caffeine to irritate the stomach.)


You can buy organic coffee and medicinal mushroom powder separately or get products that pre-mix them for you. Either way, if you're a coffee person, mushroom coffee is definitely worth a try.

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