What Can I Do to Sleep Better?

What Can I Do to Sleep Better?

If you're working on improving your burn-out, sleep is a non-negotiable. Period. 


You MUST sleep. Ideally, you're getting to bed by 10pm and sleeping at least 7 hours per night. 


Unfortunately, for many of us dealing with stress and burn-out, insomnia is part of the problem. Racing thoughts, tight muscles causing physical restlessness & stress hormones firing off at the most inappropriate times, makes getting to sleep and staying asleep a challenge. 


Here are my 3 top tips for improving your odds of a good, recuperative night's sleep:

1. ) Use sensory cues to help signal your nervous system that it is time to shift from fight / flight mode into rest & recovery. Try diffusing soothing essential oils, playing relaxing music or white noise, or taking a warm bath before bed. 


2.) Pay attention to how your nutrition may be helping or hurting your sleep. Kick the caffeine past noon and choose meals and snacks that are rich in protein and healthy fat with a moderate amount of starch that is ideally, high in fibre. Blood sugar fluctuations can be a hidden cause of sleep disruptions.


3.) Use some natural support like L-Theanine to quiet the mind or magnesium to relax the physical body. Some natural sleep formulations combine ingredients to enhance relaxation and promote sleep. If you are crossing time zones or working rotating shifts, you may also want to consider melatonin


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