Top 3 ways to Boost Your Immune System

Although another virus has stolen the lime-light in recent years, our old friend the common cold is back and not to be ignored!


As restrictions loosen, we gather and share the love with friends & family, chances are you'll also share a few germs, as well. 


 The best defense is a good offence, when it comes to cold & flu season. Take good care and build your immune system up so that you are well equip to fight any potential infections that cross your path. 


Keep it simple and focus on these top 3 tips:


1.) Sleep. Consistent good rest can not be over-stated for it's positive influence on multiple systems in your body, including your ability to fight invaders. If you are having difficulty sleeping, consider a warm bath, soothing white noise in the background or box-breathing to soothe your nervous system. 


If your mind is racing try a dose of Theanine 60-30 minutes before bed. If your body feels restless try magnesium in the glycinate form. These can also be combined for a synergistic effect. 


2.) Healthy Fats. Our cells use healthy fats consumed from our diet or supplements to fortify the defenses of our cells. Ensuring you are getting high quality fats from raw nuts & seeds, EVOO, avocado or a quality omega-3 supplement will provide the building blocks your cells need. 


3.) Eat the rainbow. Fruit & veggies can get pushed to the side in cold months in favour of warming, comfort food. There's nothing wrong with adding more starchy food to your plate this time of year, just remember the vitamins, minerals, fibre and plant-compounds your body needs to stay strong are found abundantly in brightly coloured fruit & veggies. 


If eating cold food, like a salad is unappealing in the cold weather, go ahead and steam, stir-fry, soup or stew your veggies. Just get them and feed your immune system the building-blocks it craves to do a great job for you. 


If taking adequate fruit & veggies is a big challenge, consider adding a scoop of greens powder to your water bottle, favourite juice or smoothie daily. 


Keeping your immune system strong doesn't have to be complicated. Focus on the basics and be consistent, for best results. 

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