Top 3 Natural Tips for Glowing Skin

Ever wander the skin care aisle and wonder how the heck to use the products to get that dewy, glowing look you crave? 


There is no shortage of skin care products on the market and no shortage of big marketing claims. It's no wonder you are confused. 


Luckily, Cassie Timpano, holistic nutritionist and beauty expert at Whole Family Health Food is here to help! 


Cassie has taken us behind the scenes and into her bathroom to learn about her favourite skin care line, Skin Essence Organics, and more importantly HOW to use the products to get that beautiful, natural look you crave. 


Check out the video below and comment, DM or pop into the store to chat with Cassie in person and find out exactly which combination of products are best suited to your skin type and goals.


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