Staying Hydrated this Summer

Bring on the Summer and bring on the heat! 


I have never felt the desire to get outside and enjoy the sun more than this year. 


We can have lots of fun and take good care - here are my top tips for enjoying the heat without getting cooked:


1.) Hydrate! I know drinking water is boring, so try adding fresh citrus, some slices of cucumber, fresh mint leaves, a teaspoon of elderberry crystals, a tablespoon of mint flavoured chlorophyll, or a squirt of SweetLeaf sugar free flavour drops. 


2.) Make your own electrolyte drink using 1/4 cup pure fruit juice (something sweet like grape juice works well), 3/4 cup water and 1/4 teaspoon pink salt. Mix and enjoy. 


3.) If you're getting into the adult beverages I recommend a dose of B-Complex vitamins BEFORE you start drinking and a tall glass of water with ElectroMag after to get ahead of any hangover effects.


4.) There are a lot of cool new fun drinks hitting the market in a category called "functional beverages". These are non-alcoholic drink that are tasty, fun and different. Most are sparkling and all have ingredients added to promote wellness, like herbs for energy, mental-focus or good bacteria for gut health.


Check out the cooler section of your fave health food store and try something new for your next beach or boat day. 


Salute and enjoy!

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