New Product Alert ***Vaccin-Aide***

New Product Alert ***Vaccin-Aide***

Right off the top, let's address the elephant in the room. This post is not an endorsement or pressure to get the jab. If you are a member of my community and you are uncomfortable with the current pharmaceutical offerings then I fully support your right to do or not do what feels right for you. 


Likewise, if you are a member of my community who is thrilled at the opportunity to get vaccinated, I fully support you and your right to access this medicine. 


Here's my truth: I live in the world or BOTH / AND


I love to learn about how my body works, take responsibility for showing up as the best possible version of myself and use all of the natural tools available to me to keep me performing at my best. AND I use pharmaceutical medications whenever they are useful. My philosophy is in a highly integrated approach, meaning I will integrate natural, pharmaceutical, Eastern, Western... I will put all of the wisdom and tools available to me together with one goal in mind: the best possible outcome. 


I have no judgment about how you want your health care to look. I believe that no one else knows what it's like to live in your skin and the only person who gets to decide is you. I trust you. I believe in your ability to make good decisions for yourself. 


So! All that to say, if you are someone who wants to be or has already been vaccinated and is interested in a safe, natural tool to help with fear of needles, pain at the injection site, and the detoxification of any excipient ingredients then check out this new offering from the homeopathic experts at Herbasante.  


Vaccin-Aide is a new homeopathic remedy formulated to prevent and ease symptoms associated with vaccinations such as fear of needles, pain, fever and elimination of toxins. 

Vaccin-aide can be used 3 days prior and for 21 days following the vaccination to help with side effects from all vaccinations and is safe for children, adults and seniors. 

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