Kristen's Plant-Based Transformation Q&A

This year, more than ever I am craving connection and community, so I have decided to launch a new coaching program, called the 6-Week Plant Based Transformation Challenge. 


Why? Because I see a lot of weird info out there, that is positioned to lead folks to believe that it's right for everyone. But it's not. 


You try to follow the advice because you want to feel better, less stress, more energy, better sleep, leaner, more vital.... and you can't sustain the plan and never really get to reap the benefits you were seeking. 


I want to help you skip over all of that frustration. Provide you with meal plans that are inspiring, easy to make and leave you feeling good. I also want to teach you how to break down the plan so that you gain a deeper understanding for yourself going forward. 


I want to create an intimate setting where you can ask questions and get answers that are specific to you and your goals. And I want to create a sense of connection and community. 


You don't need to be a vegetarian or follow a vegetarian diet to join the program. You just need to want to learn to eat more fruit & veggies in a fun & supportive way, so that you can reap all of the benefits. 


More questions are answered in my video here - check it out and feel free to email if you have a question that wasn't answered. 


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