How to get glowing skin naturally

Your skin is your largest organ and the state of your health inside will often be reflected outside by the state of your skin. 


If beautiful, glowing skin is your goal then you'll want to start from the inside out. 


1.) Hydrate. Be sure you are drinking plenty of clear fluids. If you notice that drinking more water only makes you run to the bathroom more quickly, try adding an electrolyte, chlorophyll or trace minerals to your water to help ensure your cells are absorbing the hydration you are offering them. Be consistent and reap the rewards. 


2.) Seed your garden. Have you even noticed what happens to a patch of land that is left untended? Weeds grow, right? If we don't pay attention to what is growing in our gut, bad bacteria can move in and grow like weeds. Plant good bacteria in your gut (i.e. eating probiotic rich foods or supplementing with quality probiotics) and watch the good bacteria inside translate into glowing skin outside. 


3.) Be sure you are getting a serving of healthy fat at every meal. A tablespoon of chia or flax, quality EVOO, a chunk of avocado, your favorite organic seed or nut butter, or a high-quality omega 3 supplement can support your glowing, radiant look.


4.) If you are over 35 consider adding collagen to your daily routine. Collagen production naturally declines as we age, leading to thinning, dull skin. Supplementing with collagen optimized for the skin will help to plump up fine lines and contribute to that dewy look. 


5.) What you put ON your skin matters. Many fancy creams are mostly water and highly processed ingredients. Some even contain downright harmful compounds. Ditch the chemical concoctions and choose certified organic skin care made with only natural ingredients. Then choose the most appropriate hydration for your skin's needs. (For example, if you are very dehydrated, choose the most moisturizing oils and balms. If you are naturally on the oily or combination side, choose a cleanser that will break up congestion in the skin without stripping the natural oils and lightly moisturize to ensure balance.)


Beautiful glowing skin is possible when you start from the inside out and keep optimal hydration as the goal. 

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