How do you relieve stress?

How do you relieve stress?

If you've ever come into the store and asked me, "What do you have for stress?" you'll notice I answer your question with a question: How is stress manifesting for you?


Stress is a big, general term that can show up for each of us in a different way. Maybe your mind is racing, you are having trouble sleeping, you have a knot in your stomach all the time and lack of appetite. Or maybe you're exhausted. The will to worry 24/7 has left you and you go to bed tired, wake up tired, and in general have lost the pep in your step. 


Those very different experiences of stress require different approaches to help get you feeling better. The most effective first step is to start to notice how you feel. Notice how your energy is at different times of day. Notice how well you are coping with challenges as they arise. 


This will give us critical information about how to best support your mood, sleep and nervous system. 


Some of my favourite tools are b-complex vitamins, omega 3, and adaptogenic herbal formulations  to uplift or calm & soothe, depending on the need. 


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