How Can I Stay Healthy over the Holidays?

Many folks approach the holiday season with the mind-set that they can either enjoy OR "behave" and stay healthy. 


Wouldn't it be great if we could have our cake AND enjoy it, too? I think we can!


The "suffer and behave" or "throw caution to the wind" either/or mindsets don't serve us if our goal is to build lasting health. 


We need to be able to enjoy, share food, gather and celebrate and still know that we are good people who deserve wellness. 


So, how do we make it all happen? Here are my top 3 recommendation:


1.) Focus on what you can have. Diet culture tricks us into a deprivation mindset. If you shift your focus to the beautiful fruit, veggies, seasonal produce & protein you can (and should!) be enjoying your mind will be in a much more positive and resilient state. Then, if you finish a beautiful, balanced meal with a treat, good for you! Enjoy it! 


2.) Sleep! Prioritize your rest as much as you schedule social time. If you are dragging your sleep-deprived self around to over-scheduled events no one wins. Schedule sleep and the best version of yourself will show up to socialize. 


3.) Stay on your supplements. If you are taking vitamins & minerals to help you manage stress, sleep better and keep your immune system strong, stay the course. Having some time off work doesn't necessarily mean your days are relaxed, restful & stress-free. The holidays can be busy, emotional and your immune system may be asked to step up as you spend time with lots of folks you don't typically see. Use the tools that help keep you vibrant, strong and energized. 


You deserve a happy, healthy and vital holiday season! Enjoy every aspect. 

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