How Can I Prevent Fleas on my Dog Naturally?

The Spring thaw is a glorious time. Warmer temps. More sunshine. And also... bugs. 


Pests impact not just humans, but our four-legged family members, too. 


I recently did a search for ways to prevent fleas, and the first recommendation that popped up was "strictly limit time outdoors." What?!?! We wait all winter for the delights of Spring & Summer. Getting outside is most of the fun! 


So, I was inspired to share my simple go-to strategies to spending loads of time with my pets outside and keeping them pest free. 


Let me start by saying I work on my pet's foundational health all year long. They eat a healthy, species-appropriate fresh food diet. And they get some natural supplements like Omega 3 to support their age & stage of life. 


Parasites like fleas & ticks prey on pets with weakened immune systems, so tending to your pets optimal health all year long sets you up for success in the Spring & Summer. 


Once the weather starts to warm, I make it a habit to brush them several times per week. This allows me to keep their coat healthy & check them thoroughly for any pests that are trying to hitch a ride into my house. 


If I find any fleas, I give my pups a bath with Theraneem Shampoo to get rid of any dander, and deter adult pets with the special formulation of the shampoo.


Their bedding is washed frequently with all-natural and fragrance-free detergent, to prevent any little critters from making a home there. (Fragrance-free is important as our pets are extremely sensitive to artificial scent.)


Before heading out into nature, I give them a spritz with an essential-oil based flea & tick repellent. I use Citrobug. If you are choosing a different product, be sure it is natural, does not have citronella as the only ingredient, and spray AWAY from your pet's face, towards their body. A little goes a long way and you'll want to apply in a well-ventilated area or outside, if possible. 


Use extreme caution when using essential oils on cats. They are extra sensitive and can react, even to substances that are natural. 


I hope you & your pets get to enjoy some beautiful Summer weather, get into nature and decompress. Some simple strategies can keep you & your fur-kids safe from fleas. Stay consistent and watch your pet's health benefit.

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