Happy New Year, Seriously Though

Happy New Year, friends. 

2020 was a tough one and I know many folks were eagerly anticipating 2021 as a chance to say good-bye to the gong show that was, and re-start life as we knew it. 

When the clock struck midnight on Dec 31st and we stepped into 2021 nothing but the date changed. Our external environment remains the same. 

Here's the thing; we can't control what goes on "out there". Truthfully, we never could. Our predictable schedules gave us the illusion of control that provided a false sense of comfort. 

The painful reality we are all facing is that all we can control is what goes on inside our own hearts and minds. 

So, how are you going to create 2021?

Are you going to treat your body with love and care? Are you going to hold compassion in your heart? Are you going to treat your mind like a beautiful garden where you grow expansive, limitless, empowering thoughts? 

Know that regardless of your external environment, you have the power to create a happy new year for yourself. And that is what I wish for you. 

If you need a place to escape the home office / school, vent, share, ask questions, get support towards your goals, or just grab a snack... come by. 

We will always have your back and want nothing more than to see you create your happiest year yet. 

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