Busting the "Bulky" Myth - Eat (or drink) Your Protein

When ladies tell me they don't want to take protein powder because they are afraid they are going to "bulk up" I can't help but smile.
Ladies, I WISH it was that easy for us to put on muscle tissue.
It's time to embrace protein's POWER!
Truthfully, protein is vitally important, especially as we age, to preserve the metabolically active tissue we have and prevent age-related muscle wasting, blood sugar dysregulation and unwanted weight changes. 
Protein is also a nutrient that we tend to forego when we skip making ourselves breakfast and eat the kids left over toasts crusts, or work through lunch and have a granola bar and coffee instead of a balanced meal.
Our snack food tends to be high in energy (carbohydrates) and low in those important protein building blocks, so we need to be deliberate about getting a full serving of protein (I'm talking 25-35 grams) PER MEAL, everyday, to avoid the slippery slope of protein deficiency.
I'm someone who would rather spend an extra 15 minutes outside with my dogs in the morning, versus making a hot breakfast. In order to close the protein gap, I have adopted the habit of a protein smoothie every morning.
It's a quick, easy and convenient way for me to meet my nutritional needs without spending extra time on meal prep (and clean up... yuck!)
I invite you to really think about how much protein you eat in a day. Are there gaps that need to be filled?
Not sure how to calculate your protein intake or needs? Comment below or email for personalized support. 

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