Building Community - My 2020 Goal

As we wrapped up another year, another decade, I found myself diving deep inside to ask myself the big questions;

Am I really happy? What could make me happier? 

What has been working and what feels a little off?

What is my heart truly longing for? How can I create my days to suit my heart's desire? 

One theme kept coming up for me over and over. Community. Connection. 

Up until this point, I have used social media to share a little bit about me, about my family (cute dog pics forever) and the products I love that come into the store. I will continue to do that, so you can keep track of what's new, and the events we have coming up. 

In addition, I decided to answer my internal call for connection by building a private Facebook group for our community. I decided to keep the group private so we could get into some juicy stuff in a safe space -- like what we're really dreaming of, how we may be struggling and, how we can lift each other up. 

The group is completely free to join and the content is different than what you'll find on any of our social media channels. This group is for a deeper level of community and connection. This group is for me and you. 

If you'd like to join me and receive exclusive daily content to inspire and uplift you to show up as the best possible version of yourself, visit our Facebook page ( and click the "Join Group" button on the top right. 

Here's to a decade of community, connection and fulfilling your heart's desires. 

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