3 Stress Busting Tips for Dads

This one is for all the Dad's (and the ladies who love them!)
Dad's carry a lot on their shoulders and stress can pile up, taking a toll on energy, mental focus, mood and physical health.
3 key ways Dad's can support themselves to keep stress under control are:
1.) Keep B's on point. The B-complex vitamins are key nutrients that support a healthy response to stress, especially in the areas of energy & mood. When stress is high, so is our need for extra B-complex vitamins and getting enough from food alone can be tricky, so taking 1-2 capsules of B-complex with breakfast can get your day started right!
2.) Don't skimp on protein. Often when we're stressed, eating habits are the first thing to go. Grab & go convenience foods are typically high in carbs and sugar and low in protein. Your dad-bod needs plenty of protein to keep muscle tissue healthy and metabolism strong. Try a protein smoothie every morning or as a mid-afternoon snack.
3.) Catch some extra Zzzzzs. Rest & recovery are key parts of keeping stress under control. If anxious or restless feelings are keeping you from a restful sleep, try magnesium before bed, along with a relaxing tea like chamomile, lemon balm or lavendar.
Sometimes we all need some extra support dealing with this wild ride called life, including the Dads. Asking for help when you need it is something strong people do, so don't be shy, Dads.
If you know a Dad who could use these tips, tag him below & let him know you're thinking of him and want him to feel his best. ❤️

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